Analog Circuits

Amplification stages, Power amplifiers for audio, CT and DT filters, SC circuits, Comparators, Nonlinear circuits, Voltage and current references, HV circuits.

Data Converters

Nyquist rate converters, Oversampled ADC and DAC, Sample-Hold circuits, ADC and DAC calibration/error correction circuits.

RF & mm-Wave Building Blocks

RF/IF/analog baseband circuits, LNAs, Mixers, Power Amplifiers, IF amplifiers, Power detectors.

Frequency Generation

Modulators/demodulators, VCOs, PLLs, DLLs, Frequency synthesizers, Frequency dividers, Integrated passive components.

Wireless and Wireline Systems

Receivers/transmitters/transceivers for wireless/wireline systems, Base station and handsets, Advanced modulation systems, TV/radio/satellite receivers, Radars.

Sensors, Imagers and MEMs

Sensor subsystems and interfaces, Accelerometers, Temperature sensing, Imaging and smart imaging chips, AMOLED, MEMs subsystems, RF MEMs.

Digital Circuits

Digital circuit techniques, I/O and inter-chip communication, Reconfigurable digital circuits, Clocking, Arithmetic building blocks, Memories, Microprocessors, DSPs, Gigabit serial links, Clock and data recovery, Equalization, Memory interfacing, Bus interfacing, Multi-rate ICs.

Bio-Medical and Emerging Technologies Circuits

Digital, analog and mixed-signal circuits using emerging devices, such as Multigate MOSFETs, FinFETs, Flexible electronic components, Organic transistors, Nanowires/nanotubes, and Quantum devices. Implantable electronic ICs, Bio-electronic integrated systems, Bio-medical imagers, Bio-MEMs integrated systems, Lab-on-chip.

Power Management and Energy Scavenging

Energy transducers, Power regulators, DC-DC converters, LDOs, Boost converters, Buck converters, LED drivers, Sequencers and supervisors, Green circuits.



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